Second Friendship Report [Video]   
11:57am 05/07/2014
  [Well here's a face who hasn't been seen on the network in ages. Oh, Twilight's been around, but not exactly social - and judging by the veritable mountains of books that now fill the room, it's pretty obvious why.]

It's been a hair over five months, I think, but I've finally got it figured out! These laptops... I can't sense anything actually magical from them, but I'm pretty sure that they run off of the Discordian Principle of Chaos... which is to say that they're practically self-aware and that--

[The feed cuts out, only to be re-established a few moments later.]

Right. That's another data poi--

[And it cuts out again. This time it takes a little longer to start the video up.]

Okay, short form is that there's an easy way to keep these things under control: As long as you do your best to be as bland and uninteresting as possible, they won't accidentally start recording your every move! They're doing it because they think it's funny.

[...The whole reason the laptop seems to be half-working now may be related to the fact that Twilight doesn't even realize he's a bit different than usual.]
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First Friendship Report [Video]   
05:47pm 25/01/2014
  [The feed comes on to... what very certainly appears to be a lavender unicorn mare, one who seems more than a little perturbed. Her horn is glowing with a bit of a magenta haze, and the keys on the laptop are audibly clacking as she works. She's definitely intentionally triggered the video feed, but she seems to be distracted, at first, with what she's looking at.]

Interesting... these are much larger than the communicators back in the city, but they seem to have a lot of the same functions and then some...

[Realizing that it's probably sending right now, she shakes off her musings and addresses the video.]

Is anybody out there? If so, my name is Twilight Sparkle. Am I safe in assuming that I'm not, in fact, in Equestria or Ink City? I certainly don't see any landmarks familiar to either, plus there's the fact I've got some sort of electronic communication device in the room I ended up waking up in.

If so, I think the most efficient thing to do is compare notes. Is there a Mayor here of some sort I can speak to about the state of this city?
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